Oil production plant for different oil seeds

A small batch oil production line is very suitable for small investment projects. Vast Range Of Oil Costume.

Plant for the production of vegetable oil 1-20T / D (pre-treatment + production + refining)

Use: It is widely used for processing peanuts, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, rapeseed, rice, beans, soybeans and other specialty oils, etc.
General technical process: pre-processing, pressing, refining, packaging (optional)
Detailed process: dust removal, stone removal, metal removal, impurity removal, peeling, steaming, pressing, contaminant removal, decontamination, bleaching, deodorization, dewaxing (winterization), packaging (optional)
Oil quality: first grade salad oil
Top Grade National Cooking Oil
Factory Scale: National Large-Scale Edible Oil Enterprise

Main characteristics:
1. simple structure
2. reliable performance
3. energy saving
4. small size, light weight, occupation of the rescue area
5. low investment, ease of operation and maintenance
6. Stable and durable

It is quite suitable for the development of small creameries.
Productivity: any capacity from 1 t / d to 20 t / d of the entire production line from seeds to vegetable oil.
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