Mini oil expeller machine with filter

The mini oil expeller machine combines the pressing and filtering process into one machine, which saves labor costs and increases efficiency compared to a traditional screw oil press machine. An automatic mini oil machine can produce peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc. In addition, this integrated type mini oil machine can automatically control the pressing temperature in the pressing chamber. An automatic mini oil remover can equip the electric control unit with personalized buttons, which makes it easier for customers to work. The integrated mini oil removal machine is characterized by high performance and good oil quality. An automatic heating system can significantly improve oil output. This type of integrated mini-machine with oil expeller is quite suitable for use on farms or in small workshops for oil extraction. The automatic mini machine with oil expeller is an advanced model with a single screw oil expeller. Equipped with a feeder, a pressing chamber, electric control and a vacuum filter drum, this miniature automatic oil removal machine is able to save labor and simplify the oil processing stage.

Mini Oil Expeller Machine Features:

1. High oil output: this automatic mini oil expeller machine uses directional compression, multi-stage motion and single compression, oil output can increase by 10% -30%.
2.Automatic control: this built-in mini oil remover can automatically control the compression temperature; An integrated vacuum shunt allows for the efficient separation of oil and residues.
3. A large number of products: work efficiency can be improved by more than 30% by strengthening the feed system and increasing the speed of movement.
4. Reliability and durability: an automatic mini-machine with an oil expeller is made of high-quality steel and fatigue-resistant castings to ensure reliable operation, which can ensure long time and continuous operation; The surface of the automatic screw oil expeller adopts electrostatic atomization, which can withstand excessively high temperature, clean and delicate.
5. Safe and convenient: the automatic mini-machine for oil removal has a simple design covering a small space; and it adopts fully enclosed protection to ensure safe and convenient operation.

Expeller Mini Oil Machine Specifications:

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) weight (kg) size (mm)
6YL-68 40 5.5 130 1050*660*760
6YL-80 80-125 5.5 330 1320*440*695
6YL-95 160-200 11 420 1910*610*765
6YL-100 160-200 7.5 400 1860*550*695
6YL-120 200-300 11 700 2060*610*770
6YL-130 375-500 18.5 700 2320*700*780
6YL-160 550-700 18.5 920 2020*700*780
6YL-165 620-830 22-30 1600 2120*800*980