Oil extraction machinery

We manufacture and export oil extraction machines for displacing and extracting oil from various seeds of vegetable and edible oils. Our oil extraction equipment includes screw presses, hydraulic presses, filter oil removal machines, palm oil extraction machines, as well as palm oil extraction machines, etc. Our oil extraction equipment is available with various capacities from 3 tons per day up to 150. tons per day in the range from small to large scale.

Today, the oil industry has grown very much and is a highly developed business. A special oil treatment method is used, which includes seed preparation, seed treatment, seed conditioning, oil extraction, oil filtration and oil processing. Manufactured in accordance with the latest technology, our equipment is widely used in the sector of oil grinding machines.
Each seed is different and contains a different amount of oil in them. Seeds should be separated from all kinds of unwanted materials. The oil expeller of our company with an individual teapot is used for grinding seeds so that they can extract the highest quality oil.

Our range of oil extraction machines is high-tech and reliable. These oil extraction machines can grind all kinds of oilseeds. It can withstand a large workload for crushing. This gives the best oil production and profitable operation.
The oil squeezed by the expeller by some oil extraction machines is almost the same as the traditional oil extraction oil, and it provides the highest quality and most useful oils. The best advantage of using our oil extraction machines and oil extraction machines is that the oil that is extracted from such equipment is clean, natural and organic. It is completely free of chemicals making it much healthier and cleaner.

Socio-economic benefits of the creation of oil production equipment:
1) Our oil extraction equipment excludes the operation of intermediaries and traders, as consumers will directly contact oil mills.
2) Our company “Machines for the extraction of oil” will greatly stimulate the development of rural areas, as jobs are created in villages for self-employment and wealth.
3) Our oil extraction plant encourages animal husbandry by making butter cake available as the best livestock feed. This will increase milk production.
4) Speculation in the market of oilseeds and oilseeds becomes impossible due to decentralized oil production.
5) The oil extraction plant makes available to residents and local residents natural oil from its own oilseeds. Thus, customs shredding is beneficial because it saves falsification, speculation, taxation, etc.
6) This will save huge transportation costs for delivering oilseeds to cities and oil delivery from cities.
7) Our company Oil Extraction Machinery creates enthusiasm and confidence among rural residents in the management and management of rural industry. This is the biggest benefit, as it accelerates creative entrepreneurship for other related industries.