Automatic hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic oil press is one of the most advanced oil presses, which are widely used for grinding sesame, rape, peanuts, vegetable seeds, corn germ, etc. Hydraulic oil press is currently the best choice instead of manual workers. Hydraulic oil press is the lightest machine for people, which operates and replaces wear parts with the lowest degree of oil output from all types of machines. In addition, a hydraulic oil press can provide quick processing when feeding materials in rural cities, which is known as guaranteed oil.

An automatic hydraulic oil press consists mainly of an automatic control system, a thermal pressing system, an adjustment system, a vacuum filtration system, and five main parts.
1.Automatic control system consists of a heating switch, a time controller, an automatic temperature control device, a pressure relief switch, etc.
2. The thermal pressing system consists of a heater, a master cylinder, a metal head, etc.
3. The hydraulic motor system consists of the main shaft and high and low pressure bolt, gear shaft, engine, etc.
4. The vacuum filtration system consists of a vacuum compressor, two oil tanks, an oil outlet lever, etc.

Application of automatic hydraulic oil press machine:
Automatic hydraulic oil press is a kind of small oil press, easy to operate. Suitable for home production. A hydraulic oil press can squeeze sesame seeds, walnut kernels, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Hydraulic Press Benefits:

1. Hydraulic oil press is easy to learn, understand and work due to its small size. In addition, there are no special operating requirements for people.
2. Hydraulic oil press costs less with less power consumption when using.
3. Hydraulic oil press is a high pressure hydraulic machine with high oil output and pure oil quality.
4. The hydraulic oil press is equipped with an automatic control system , automatic control of the preheating temperature and automatic control of the pressure in the machine hydraulic system. The machine, made of high quality silicomanganese material for the main components, is made of precision CNC lathes in combination with modern high technology.

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