edible oil solvent extraction process project

The feedstock after the pre-treatment section can receive oil and oilcake, as well as oilcake in oilcake, and then deliver the oilcake to the process of solvent extraction of edible oil to extract residual edible oil. The solvent extraction process of edible oil is the main process. in an edible oil processing machine that can extract oil from oilseeds using an organic solvent. And the edible oil solvent extraction machine is used to extract oil from vegetable seeds such as soybean, peanuts, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, rice bran, corn germ, cotton seeds, etc.

The main process for extracting the solvent from edible oil: soaking the embryo (pumping out oilseeds, prepress cake or a piece of the embryo) into the selected solvent dissolves the edible oil in the solvent (miscella), then separates the miscella and the solid precipitate; Miscella evaporates and separates according to various boiling points, the solvent evaporates into steam and separates from the oil, then crude oil is obtained. Solvent vapor can be recycled through condensate, cooling. The flour also contains a certain amount of solvent, after receiving the solvent and drying it will get dry food, steam will evaporate during this process, and it can also be disposed of by condensation and cooling.

The quality of crude oil in the process of solvent extraction of edible oil:

1. The total volatile content of crude oil is less than 0.2%.

2. The percentage of residual oil in food is less than 1% (powdery flour – less than 2%), humidity – less than 12%.

3. Crude oil standard: color, smell and taste are normal; Moisture and volatiles make up 0.5%; Impurities 0.5%; Acid number to crude oil quality.

Edible oil consumption rate for extraction solvent:

1.1 tons of oilseeds can consume less than 380 grams of steam.

2. 1 ton of oilseeds can consume electricity of less than 15 kW

3.1 tons of oilseeds can consume circulating cooling water of less than 20 tons.

4.1 tons of oilseeds can consume a solvent of less than 2 kg

The solvent extraction process of edible oil is a complex process. To develop a smart process, we also consider the following factors.:

Offer an individual technological solution for the extraction of edible oil in accordance with various grades of oil (soy, peanuts, cotton, canola, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, vegetable seeds …).
Make sure that the extraction process of the edible oil solvent is adapted to the production capacity of your enterprise. The continuous solvent extraction process of edible oil is proposed for the production of large capacity, while the batch type is more suitable for the solvent extraction process of edible oil of medium and small size.
Others, such as the reliability of equipment and technologies, labor productivity, the consumption of auxiliary materials, steam, water and electricity.

Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Projects: