Palm kernel oil expeller machine

Zhengzhou QIE’s Palm Oil Oil Removal Machine is a screw type oil removal machine that can push the palm kernel into palm cake, and then the palm oil will flow out.

The principle of the machine for removing oil from the palm kernel:

The palm kernel is fed from one side of the machine to remove oil from the palm kernel, and then enters the pressing chamber. Palm core machines use pressure and friction from screw drives to move and also to compress the palm core. Palm kernel oil is removed and then seeps through small holes into the container. These holes are very small, which can prevent any kind of solid material or residues from the palm kernel from mixing with the extracted palm kernel oil. Waste or solid residues of the palm kernel exit the other end of the machine to remove oil from the palm kernel. This residue is also known as palm pitted cakes.

Technical Parameters of Palm Core Oil Removal Machine:

Product name Palm kernel oil expeller
Required palm kernel quality The moisture content in the kernel should not be more than 7%, based on M.E.O.M.A. Standard
After 1st pressing 12% to 14% oil content remain in cake
After 2nd pressing Less than 7% oil content remain in cake

Advantage of Zhengzhou QIE Company:

Zhengzhou QIE Palm Core Oil Removal Machine can provide palm oil recovery efficiency and maximize oil yield by extrusion. Our worm screw is specially designed for the palm kernel because it is harder than other oilseeds, which ensures a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, if you are an African customer, there is good news for you. Zhengzhou QIE has a branch and warehouse in Nigeria, you can buy a car and spare parts directly at a local one, no longer waiting.

Profit can be made by producing palm oil:

A palm kernel oil obtained with a palm oil removing machine is usually sold at a higher price. Because many proponents argue that the extrusion method is more useful than the solvent extraction method. And besides vegetable oil, palm oil has many uses, for example, palm oil contains myristic and lauric fatty acids resembling coconut oil, suitable for the manufacture of soaps, detergents and personal care products.

So you want to produce palm oil? Quickly buy a Zhengzhou QIE palm kernel oil removal machine, you will never regret it!