coconut oil extraction production line/copra oil extraction machine

Coconut – palm tropical wood oil, coconut pulp after drying – copra, moisture content up to 6-10%, copra – 57-75%, copra flour after extraction of coconut oil can be used as animal feed. Coconut pulp can also be processed into coconut powder, copra and other foods.
The Copra oil production line mainly includes pre-treatment – oil production – oil refining.
Coconut oil extraction machine pretreatment process:
Copra → Cleaning → Crusher → Cooking – Pre-pressing → Double Press → Crude Oil
Basic technology for processing coconut oil in a coconut oil extraction machine:
Copra crude oil → filtration → deoxidation – degumming → bleaching → finished coconut oil
The main line of the Copra oil production line includes a crushing section, a steam and firing station, an oil press, a de-degumming section, a deoxidation section, a bleaching section, and a deodorization section.
Humidity of the copra should be controlled within 7-10%, or does not contribute to the extraction of copra oil.

Our copra oil production line has the following advantages:
1, relatively low energy consumption, long service life, may be the maximum possible for customers to create profit;
2, to minimize the loss of coconut oil, increase oil yield, improve product quality, improve the quality of coconut oil and flour.