complete line of castor oil production process

The complete castor oil production process line is similar to other oil seeds. A complete line of the castor oil production process requires a number of processes, such as a castor oil pretreatment machine, castor oil extraction machine and castor oil refining machine. The process only needs the castor oil expeller machine and the castor oil filter machine in order.

Introduction of castor oil production:

Castor oil seed is grown commercially on plantations, and is also collected from wild plants. Seed should be removed after harvesting. This can be done painstakingly by hand or, more often, using a machine. Small manual dehullers are available.

Seeds contain about 50 percent oil by weight. To extract the oil, they must be crushed and squeezed out using hydraulic or continuous screw pressing at high or low temperature. High temperature hydraulic pressing provides 80 percent of the available oil. Further solvent extraction can release most of the remaining oil.

Oil modification is achieved by various chemical processes, including oxidation, hydrogenation and heat treatment, to obtain products for specific applications.

Castor Oil Plant:

Oil extraction from castor oil seeds is carried out similarly to most other oilseeds. Ripe seeds are allowed to dry when they crack and release the seeds.

After harvesting, the seeds are drained. Dehulling can be done manually (time-consuming) or, more often, using a machine. Small-scale, manual control desulators are also available. The peeled seeds are peeled, boiled and dried before oil extraction. Cooking is done to coagulate the protein (necessary for efficient extraction) and for efficient pressing.

The first stage of the castor oil production process is pre-pressing, usually using a continuous high-pressure screw press, the so-called expeller. The extracted oil is filtered and the material removed from the oil is fed back into the stream along with fresh material. The material finally unloaded from the press, called castor cake, contains 8-10% oil. It is crushed into coarse flour and subjected to solvent extraction with heptane to extract the oil.

Castor oil production process cleaning:

After the oil has been extracted from the seeds, it is necessary to remove the impurities present in the oil. Castor oil filtering machine is designed to remove particulate matter, water, dissolved gases and acids. The castor oil filtration machine, which is commonly used for filtration, is a filter press.

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