peanut oil press machine/peanut oil production line

Our peanut butter pressing machine uses the latest pre-pressing technology – the oil extraction process, currently this technology is the most advanced in the world, and it compensates for the lack of traditional oil press and improves the oil yield, ensures the quality of peanut butter, improve the quality of peanut flour, to provide a guarantee as high protein feed material.

QIE Zhengzhou Peanut Butter Press Machine Features:
1, the most advanced oil production technology in the world. Traditional oil production is performed by single pressing, which leads to low oil yields, used oilseeds, Zhengzhou QIE use pre-compression technology – oil extraction to reduce the residual oil fraction in the cake and improve the quality of peanut flour.
2, unique environmental initiatives. Oil recovery systems, a unique henan exhaust system that provides good performance in accordance with the environmental standards required in many countries to solve customer problems.
3, reasonable advanced energy-saving design. A solvent extraction system is provided in the oil separator, the solvent can be used multiple times, thermal energy can also be used multiple times, saving the amount of solvent and steam so that customers can save.

In order to increase the yield of oil and obtain high-quality peanut butter, a peanut butter extraction unit should consist of the following processes: pre-treatment of the peanut kernel, pre-treatment of peanut butter, solvent extraction of the peanut butter and the processing of raw peanut oil.

Intermittent process heats peanut butter to 80 ~ 85 ℃. The amount of water in crude oil is based on the colloidal content and, as a rule, is 3-5 times higher than the resin content, the water temperature is 85 ~ 90 ℃ (5 ℃ higher than the oil temperature). Complete the addition of water after 40-60 minutes, with stirring 60-70 rpm, continue to mix 3-5 minutes after adding water and leave for 2-4 hours to precipitate.

Vacuum drying.
Heat non-fat vegetable peanut butter to 25 ~ 135 ℃, dehydrated in a vacuum dryer for 20 ~ 30 min. The moisture content of dehydrated oil is less than 0.1% (after removing oil from oil contained in 0.3-0.5% water, after removing oil from oil it will affect the adsorption capacity of the whitening clay section).

Decolorizing peanut butter can remove the fat in the oil pigment to improve the color of the oil, the adsorption of aflatoxin and trace elements, phospholipids, other resins and other impurities. This ensures high quality peanut butter and improves butter stability.

Adjust the oil temperature to 250 ~ 270 ℃, when the bleached peanut butter enters the deodorizer, with direct injection of steam, free fatty acids, ketones, aldehydes and other impurities are removed from the oil, thermal bleaching and pigment composition also occur. Split distilled from the oil. The deodorized vacuum (absolute pressure) is controlled at 266 Pa, the deodorization time is about 2 hours.