rice bran oil machine/rice bran oil extraction machine

Our company is the first Chinese research enterprise to manufacture rice bran equipment and has developed a contract to build the country’s first level continuous line for the production of rice bran for oil, the process of extrusion of rice bran and equipment for processing oil from rice bran class 1, which received national patents. Our company also developed the molecular distillation technology of rice bran oil, mainly to determine the acid value and color of rice bran, using liquid-liquid separation technology to process rice bran oil to provide the best technical support.

Our company has received a number of national patents for the rice bran oil production line, rice bran extrusion technology, and a complete set of rice bran processing equipment is our patent product.

Technological characteristics of the oils of the machine for pressing rice bran:

1. In our technology of extracting oil from rice bran, a multiple heat exchange system is used, the heat source system is fully used, steam consumption is effectively reduced, at the same time, the process of extracting oil from rice bran can be adjusted, flexible operation, automation, and environmental protection. , etc.

2. continuous refining of alkali reduces the contact time of oil with alkali and reduces saponification of oil, reduces the consumption of smelting and increases efficiency.

3. using the new continuous deoxidation and deodorization during physical refining applicable to vegetable oil with a higher acid value and lower colloidal deoxidation and deodorization, the actual production proves that the technology has the following obvious advantages: strong deoxidation ability strong, good deoxidation effect when heated, high level of processing, product quality is better.

4. Bleaching using a combined bleaching technology with pre-mixing and mixing with water vapor, improves the bleaching effect and maintains the dosage of clay, simple and convenient control, negative state, to avoid contact of air oxygen with hot oil, guarantee the quality of rice bran oil, inhibits acid value, reduced peroxide value.

There are four main sections for extracting oil from rice bran: a section for pretreatment of rice bran, a section for extracting oil from rice bran, a section for processing oil from rice bran, and a section for dewaxing oil from rice bran.

The flow chart is as following:

Raw materials (rice bran) → Cleaning → Conditioning → Powder puff (extrusion machine) → Solvent extraction plant → Oil refinery → Deparaffinization → High-quality refined rice bran oil

1. Cleaning:

As with another refinery, rice bran needs a cleaning section to remove mechanical impurities in rice bran in order to reduce the oil output rate.

2. puffing:

Pant completely destroys the cell of oilseeds at high temperature, high pressure, etc. P. Pukhovka is the most important part of the preliminary processing of rice bran oil.

3. Solvent Extraction Plant:

The rice bran solvent extraction unit is similar to other oil solvent extraction units, including solvent extraction, solvent toaster to remove solvent oil distillation and solvent extraction.

4. Rice bran processing plant:

As with another refinery, a rice bran refinery includes degumming, deoxidation, bleaching, and deodorization. A distinctive feature is that different refineries require different equipment.

5. Dewaxing unit:

Rice bran oil dewaxing plant reduces the wax content in rice bran oil, which increases the edibility of rice bran oil.

We have been specializing in the rice bran oil plant since 1967. We can offer a turnkey service for the production of rice bran oil, and our professional engineers will help you design and install a workshop in accordance with your actual conditions. If you want to know more about the rice bran oil factory, please contact us.