sunflower oil extraction machine

Our company is a professional in the design, installation, trial run, technical training, etc. We can provide you with a turnkey project of the entire plant for the production of sunflower oil from 10 to 6000 tons per day.

Sunflower oil has a high nutritional value, contains about 90% of unsaturated fatty acids ,, and essential fatty acids and linoleic acid make up about 66%. In order to increase the oil yield and obtain high-quality sunflower oil, the sunflower oil extraction plant should consist of the following processes: pre-treatment, pre-press, extraction and refining.

1. Pre-processing section of a sunflower oil plant

The pre-treatment section removes contaminants and regulates the temperature and humidity of oilseeds for further processing. A machine for pre-processing and squeezing sunflower oil can extract most of the oil from sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Magnetic compartment → Metallic impurities

Cleaning → Other impurities

Husk → sunflower hull



Prepress → Raw Sunflower Oil

Sunflower cake → Extraction workshop

2. Sunflower Oil Plant Extraction Plant

The extraction plant uses a solvent to extract sunflower oil from sunflower seeds. The oily residue of the extract is less than 1%. We can offer custom design. Layout design for customer factory, various configurations to suit your needs.

Fresh solvent

Cake → Extraction → Wet Food → Desolventation → Food


Evaporation and distillation → Solvent mixture → Condensation and reduction

Solvent Recycling Raw Sunflower Oil

Recycling workshop

Extraction: for solvent extraction of oil in cake, the common solvent is oil No. 6 for extraction solvent or commercial hexane.

B. Dissolution: remove and restore the solvent in food; Dry and cool the food at the same time.

evaporation and removal: heating the micelle with indirect steam to evaporate the solvent and concentrate the micelle.

Solvent recycling. This process is designed to restore solvent, reduce solvent consumption, ensure production safety and improve product quality.

3. Processing section of a sunflower oil plant

The refining section is designed to remove impurities in crude oil and improve oil quality. In general, the sunflower oil processing plant is divided into 3 types: a batch oil processing plant, a semi-continuous oil processing plant, and a continuous oil processing plant. These 3 refineries are used for various capacities. But the processes at each refinery are almost the same.

Crude sunflower oil

Hot water → Degumming → Foot oil

Alkaline Lye → Dehydration → Soap Stock

Activated Clay → Discoloration → Waste Clay


Deparaffinization → Wax

Refined oil

a.Degumming: to remove tarry impurities and prepare for subsequent refining processes.

B. Neutralization: to remove free fatty acid from crude oil.

c. Dressing: remove pigment in crude oil by adding active clay to improve oil quality.

D. Deodorization: to remove odor in the oil to improve the taste, stability, color and quality of the oil.

e.Dewaxing: to remove wax in oil and improve oil quality.

In general, the sunflower oil processing plant is divided into 3 types: batch, semi-continuous, continuous sunflower oil processing plant, the difference of which is capacity.

Our engineers can help you design and install a sunflower oil extraction plant according to your capabilities and requirements. If you want to know more about the sunflower oil plant, please contact us.