5tpd palm kernel oil mill project

The purpose of the palm oil plant is to extract palm oil from the palm kernel. A complete set of a palm oil plant includes a cracker and a palm kernel separator, a core preparation apparatus, a palm oil press, a crude palm oil clarifier and a palm oil refinery.

The oil content in the bones of the palm (without shell) is about 50%, and the remaining oil is 5-6%, so you can get about 44% of the oil. As you can see from the blow, if you want to process a project for the production of 5-ton palm oil, you can get more than 2 tons / day of raw palm oil.

The main processes for processing palm oil: weighing, unloading fruit, a sterilizer, fruit removal, mashed potatoes, pressing, separation of the shell and kernel, water treatment, purification and fractionation of palm oil, filling.
Key Features of Zhengzhou QIE Palm Oil Palm Processing Machine:
1. our company accepts hydraulic segment unloading on platforms for unloading, cleaning, storing palm fruits;
2. The palm oil press machine adopts double spiral hydraulic continuous discharge, greatly increasing production efficiency;
3. the use of a diesel generator and a steam turbine generator for greater environmental protection and energy conservation, electricity for production and life;
4. our water purification system, by sedimentation, filtration, dosing process, ensures the quality of water, and also ensures the quality of palm oil;
5. Adopting technology of remote substation, more energy-efficient, improve production efficiency.

For the whole 5tpd palm oil project, there are the following main machines:

Palm kernel cracker: separate the palm kernel from the shell.

Palm core: to adjust the humidity and temperature of the palm kernel.

Presser foot: Use the special presser foot to get more oil.

Palm Oil Refinement Part: To remove contaminants from crude palm oil.

After receiving raw palm oil, we also have a palm oil processing line for consumer use.
A palm oil processing line can not only refine the palm kernel, but also refine palm oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and other raw edible oils.

This small-scale oil mill assembly plant is a good choice for producing cooking oil from soybean, peanut kernel, sunflower seed, cotton seed, sesame seed, corn germ and many other oil-containing materials.
Above is the main equipment that is part of the palm oil plant. If you are interested in starting a palm oil plant business, this plant will surely surprise you! If you have any questions about our machines, send us a request by e-mail!