corn germ oil press machine/corn germ oil extraction machine

Corn germ oil is extracted from the corn germ as a raw material of high nutritional value. The process of pressing QIE corn oil in Zhengzhou was very skillful, the technology for producing corn oil from corn usually involves the extraction of corn germ, pre-treatment of corn germ, corn perm oil. oil extraction from corn kernels, processing of raw corn kernels, etc.
The good or bad technology of each production process directly affects the quality and yield of corn germ oil, so for the continuous research and development of the corn germ oil extraction process, it is very important, Zhengzhou QIE has a professional team of research and development of corn germ oil, Compression technology, continuous improvement of technology, improving the quality and productivity of corn germ oil.
The main process of pressing oil from a corn germ: refining – grinding – peeling – cooking – pressing oil from a corn germ – extracting oil from a corn germ – refining oil from a corn germ

We can offer a whole line of corn germ oil extraction plants with turnkey services with a capacity of 10 to 6,000 tons / day.

Here we would like to briefly introduce our corn germ oil factory.
The corn germ recovery plant contains three workshops, a corn germ oil pretreatment plant, a corn germ solvent extraction plant, and a corn germ oil processing plant.

Ⅰ. Corn Germ Pretreatment Plant

Corn Seeds → Cleaning → Cooking → Prepress → Solvent Extraction Plant

The plant for pre-processing the corn germ oil extract is very important because it directly affects the extraction effect.

Features of the plant for the preliminary processing of corn germ oil we offer:

1. Создать хорошую производственную среду.

2. Минимизируйте общую потерю жира, увеличьте выход масла и улучшите качество масла, пирога и еды.

Ⅱ. Corn Solvent Oil Solvent Extraction Plant

Steam solvent

Production → Mixed Oil → Evaporation → Steaming → Crude Oil

Advantages of corn oil solvent extraction plant we offer:

1. High oil yield, low residual oil in the flour;

2. low labor intensity;

3. Good working environment;

4. Good quality food.

5. Evaporation at negative pressure helps to improve the quality of crude oil.

Features of a solvent extraction plant from corn oil:

1. Adopting negative pressure vapor can provide excellent oil quality;

2. The extraction system is easily adaptable and can adapt to various types of raw materials;

3. All equipment is equipped with exhaust gas absorption systems with excellent absorption effect;

4. The complete energy-saving design reuses heat energy and saves steam consumption;

Ⅲ. Corn Germ Oil Processing Plant

Crude corn germ oil → degumming and dephosphorization → deoxidation → bleaching → deodorization → dewaxing → Refined corn germ oil

Features of the corn germ processing plant:

1. Continuous alkaline refining reduces the contact time between oil and alkali, reduces the saponification of the lubricant, reduces the consumption of refining and increases the efficiency of refining.

2. When decolorizing, the technology of combining whitening with pre-mixing and mixing with steam is used, which increases the efficiency of bleaching, saves the consumption of bleaching clay, and is also simple and convenient to use; and the state of negative pressure prevents the contact of oxygen in the air with hot oil, thereby ensuring the quality of the oil product, preventing a repeated increase in the value of acid and lowering the value of peroxide.

3. Deodorization uses new continuous deodorization equipment, which is applicable for deoxidizing and deodorizing vegetable oil with high acid value and low resin content, actual production proves that its most obvious advantages are strong deoxidation ability, excellent hot whitening effect, high refining speed, good oil quality and so on.

4. The process has multiple heat transfer, which makes full use of the heat energy system, effectively reduces steam consumption.

We specialize in a corn germ oil factory. We can offer a turnkey service for a corn germ oil plant in accordance with your actual conditions. If you want to know more about the corn germ oil factory, please contact us.