10-20t/d edible oil production line

Our company specializes in manufacturing small edible oil production lines. The 10-20T / D edible oil production line is suitable for family type workshops and small creameries. There are various machines for pre-treatment and pre-treatment of oilseeds, solvent extraction of vegetable oil, refining of crude oil and packaging of refined oil. Oil processed with this edible oil production line can be directly sold to supermarkets.

Benefits of the 10-20T / D Edible Oil Production Line:
1. Suitable for peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, sesame seeds, palm kernel, copra and other oilseeds.
2. High oil yield and low residues.
3. Low investment, energy saving.
4. Highly automatic machines save time and labor.
5. All edible oil production line machines can be customized according to your requirements.

Basic machines for 10-20T / D edible oil production line:
1. Oil Conveyor Screw Conveyor
The screw conveyor is suitable for transporting oilseeds from one place to another or from a lower place to an upper one. On the edible oil production line, it can be chosen to increase work efficiency and save labor. This is typical of simple structure, low cost, good air tightness and easy operation.
2. Oilseed Cleaning Machine
We provide an oilseed purifier to remove contaminants from oilseeds. The edible oil production line uses a screening method to remove coarse and fine impurities. It has a compact structure and small area.
3. Oilseed preparation machine
Hot pressing allows to achieve a high oil yield and give the oil a fragrant aroma. We provide rotary drum seed cooking machines of various capacities.
4. Multifunctional oil press
The multifunctional screw oil press is equipped with an automatic temperature control system and an oil filtration device, which have both pressing and filtration functions. Using mechanical compression methods, the oil is suitable for food without any chemical solvents.
5. 1-5T / D Edible Oil Processing Plant
Oil refining equipment 1-5T / D is recommended for small refineries to produce high quality edible oil of good color and high quality. Since oil yields are different for different oilseeds, the power needed for processing will also be different. If you process 20 tons of soybeans, we suggest you install a 1-3T / D refinery. For 20 tons of sunflower seeds, a 5T / D treatment line is offered.
6. Machine for filling and packing edible oils
Refined oil can be packaged and sold at supermarkets. We provide a semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machine for the quantitative filling of various oils. The machine is easy to operate, the filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling capacity is easy to adjust.

We can offer a solution for the edible oil production line for various materials, such as flax seeds, tea seeds, palm kernels, copra, coconut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, soy, peanuts, cotton seeds, rapeseed / rapeseed, mustard seeds, castor oil seed , corn germ, rice bran, etc. Depending on the various characteristics of different raw materials, we could develop a design specifically for each client.