cottonseed oil extraction machine/cottonseed oil mill machinery

In the process of producing cottonseed oil, a cottonseed press, a cottonseed extraction machine and a cottonseed processing machine are typically used. The following picture is a detailed introduction about cotton oil pretreatment and the pressing process:

The cotton seed pretreatment equipment and cottonseed pressing machine developed by our factory absorb superior designs that can ensure the highest quality cotton seed for pretreatment. The cotton seed pretreatment workshop is mainly intended to remove impurities from cotton seeds, to control the humidity and temperature of cotton seeds and to crush cotton seeds into small particles to change the molecular structure of cotton seeds, etc., which is good for the next process in a dissolution workshop extract. After pre-processing, we can get a cotton cake. Cotton seed cake can go to the next solvent extraction workshop.

Cotton Oil Extraction Process:

The cotton oil extraction production line receives crude oil from cotton cake through solvent extraction process flows, filtering the oil mixture, purifying wet bran from depenolysis and a mechanical solvent, as well as drying at low temperature, evaporating, and stripping gas to produce crude cotton oil.


Basic cottonseed extraction processes:
1. The process of oil production
2. Steam removal process
3. Evaporation process
4. Solvent cooling and water separation process
5. Tail gas absorption process

Cotton Oil Refining Process:

The cotton oil processing machine uses a continuous oil processing line including unique degreasing, deoxidation, bleaching, negative mixing, deodorization of vapors with high vacuum emissions, dewaxing, filtration and a fully automatic control system, providing the most advanced quality of cotton oil processing, as well as protection environment, energy saving, low consumption, etc.
We can provide design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after-sales service of the line for pre-pressing, extraction and processing of cotton seeds.
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