rice bran expander extruder machine

Rice bran extruder general description:

The rice bran expander is used to extrude low oil crops such as rice bran and soybeans, or pressed cake before solvent extraction. Rice bran expander is an ideal production process with the goal of reducing investment in equipment, increasing production, lowering energy consumption and improving the quality of oilseed products around the world. There are many types of blowing machine, which can be divided into soybean oil pressing machine, rice bran oil pressing machine, high-pressure oil pressing machine for pre-pressing, tissue protein oil pressing machine and so on. Different processing of different oilseeds. In addition to the inflation process, various types of oilseeds may also need to be boiled, softened, peeled, dried and other processes in order to obtain the maximum yield of oil and flour of the best quality.

Why puff before solvent extraction?

1. Increase the power of the oil separator. After extrusion, the bulk mass increases by 20-30%, which significantly increases the performance of the extractor.

2. Increases the efficiency of the extraction plant, reduces the time of extraction.

3. Low solvent content in wet flour, reduced load on the dissolution of wet flour.

4. Higher micelle concentration, which reduces the evaporation load.

5. Improving the quality of crude oil after production.

6. Increase the production of peeling equipment. The oil seed extruder requirement is not high with respect to the thickness of the flakes, which means that the thickness of the flakes is properly reduced in order to increase the performance of the peeling machine.

7. Reduce energy consumption during solvent extraction.

Main technical parameters of oil seed expander / extruder

Raw Materials Soybean, Rice Bran, Rapeseed
Thickness of Flaking 0.35~0.45mm
Moisture Content before Extruding 10~11%
Moisture Content after Extruding 12~13%
Discharge Temperature 105~110℃
Steam Pressure 0.65~0.75Mpa
Steam Temperature 174.5℃

Technical Parameters of DY Series Rice Bran Extruder Machine:

Technical specifications Capacity(t/d) Screw Diameter (mm) Steam pressure (Mpa) Power of Main Motor (KW) Discharge Temperature(℃)
DYP16 Expander 30~80 1:1.2~1.4 0.6~0.8 37/55 100~120
DYP20 Rice Bran Expander 50~200 1:1.2~1.4 0.6~0.8 55/75 100~120
DYP25 Rice Bran Expander 150~400 1:1.2~1.4 0.6~0.8 75/90 100~120
DYP30 Rice Bran Expander 300~600 1:1.2~1.4 0.6~0.8 90/110 100~120
DYP35 Rice Bran Expander 400~900 1:1.2~1.4 0.6~0.8 110/132 100~120

The principle of the rice bran expander:

The oil material is squeezed, heated, cut and rubbed into the cavity of the extruder of the machine, and mixed, steamed, gelatinized by injection of direct steam, the pressure in the extrusion cavity reaches 1.4-4.0 MPa, the temperature reaches 110-120º C, at the exit from the head the dies suddenly drop to normal pressure and temperature, the vapor evaporates sharply, the oil leaves the seed chamber to the outside, and an extruded material with countless minus holes and cracks is obtained. And thanks to such extrusion effects, the penetration of solvent through the cells and the penetration of oil from the cells become easier, therefore, the extraction and desolventing process becomes more efficient, the specific gravity of the material increases by about 30%, therefore the production capacity of the extractor is also raised. The residence time of the material in the extruder is less than 30 seconds, so damage to the contents of the material is negligible, which helps to protect the quality of the material.

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