palm fruit sterilizer machine

A palm fruit sterilizer at a palm oil plant is a process that allows fruit to be lost through high temperature wet heat treatment. The difference between cooking and sterilization is that hot water is used for cooking, while sterilization uses steam under pressure.

Palm oil is usually processed on a palm fruit sterilizer. The sterilization process of palm fruits serves the following processes. As a kind of implant of a palm oil machine, a palm fruit sterilization machine (sterilization equipment) serves the following purposes.

Purpose of palm oil sterilization process:

Palm Fruit Sterilizer (Heat Treatment) helps destroy oil-degrading enzymes and delays hydrolysis and auto-oxidation.

In a large-scale palm oil factory where whole bunches of fresh fruit (FFB) need to be cooked, steam loosens the fruit stem and reduces the effort required to remove the fruit from the bunch by simply turning it over in a threshing machine or shaking it.

High temperature is very important, as it helps in strengthening proteins that contain oil cells that are microscopically dispersed in it. This protein solidification / coagulation process allows oil-containing cells to come together and flow easily when exposed to pressure.

In addition, the fruit is cooked to weaken the structure of the pulp, making it soft and easy to remove the fibrous material and its components during the digestion process in the palm fruit sterilizer. High temperature is recommended for the partial disbandment of oil-containing cells found in the mesocarp, and, in addition, allows the oil to flow more easily. This stage of the palm fruit sterilization process is very important.

During the palm tree sterilization process, the moisture produced by steam helps chemically destroy gums and resins. If this is not done, the resin and gum will cause foaming during frying. Since some resins and gums are soluble in water, you can choose to supply moist steam to dissolve them in water so that they can be easily removed during clarification. Even starch contained in fruits can be hydrolyzed and removed in the same way.
To sterilize palm fruits, high pressure steam is recommended so that the moisture (warm air) in the nuts expands. The decrease in pressure causes the nuts to be compressed and the nuclei to detach inside their shells.

After separation of the core from the wall of its shell, the cracking operation of the nut begins. This clearly demonstrates that sterilization is therefore the most important process here. This is a prerequisite for the success of all other palm oil refining processes.

When steam is heated under high pressure, palm fruit sterilization systems cause the clusters to weaken the fruits. This is very important because it helps clusters of palm fruits to lose less water during the process.

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