cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine

The cotton oil production line consists of cotton oil pretreatment and squeezing machines. Among them, cotton oil pretreatment machines include cleaning machines, a peeling machine, a core and shell separation machine, a peeling machine, and a digester. And there are two kinds of cotton oil pressing machine: oil pressing machine and oil pressing machine. The latter is used to obtain part of the oil from cotton seeds, and then the pressed cake is sent to the cotton oil solvent extraction plant.

From the above flow chart of the cottonseed oil extraction process, you can clearly understand what I said in the first paragraph. In the following, each machine used in the cotton oil production line will be briefly described.

As shown in the picture, the cleaning machine has three, magnetic drum, cleaning sieve and destoner. They are used to remove impurities from cotton seeds, but have different working principles. The task of the magnetic drum is mainly to remove iron and prevent damage from other machines. Cleaning sieves and destoners are designed primarily to remove other types of contaminants such as straw, stone, etc.

Other machines in this figure are designed to bring the cotton seeds in the best condition for pressing, and their main function is to increase the final oil yield.

After processing with cotton oil pre-treatment and pressing machines, pressed cake can also be processed in a solvent extraction unit for cotton oil, and crude cotton oil must be processed at a cotton oil processing plant. If your budget is sufficient, then both subsequent plants should be built, because you can produce a better product from cotton oil, which can be sold directly in the supermarket.

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