soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine

Soybean Oil Pretreatment and Extraction Machine

The machine for pre-processing and pressing soybean oil will have a technological section for cleaning, removing stones, magnetic selection, crushing, softening, peeling, drying and so on.
We produce 5-15-20-30-40-50-60-80-120-200-250-300-350-400-500-2000TPD for pre-processing and pressing of soybean oil.
Introduction to soybean oil pretreatment and pressing system:

Soybean pretreatment is an important section for the removal of impurities caused during soybean collection, transportation and storage. Before soybeans arrive at the oil extraction plant, further purification is necessary to reduce the content of impurities within the framework of technical requirements and to ensure the result of the soybean oil production process and the quality of the finished soybean oil.

The technological scheme of pre-treatment with soybean oil:

Soya – cleaning – stone removal – magnetic selection – grinding – softening – peeling – drying – in a solvent extraction workshop.

Magnetic separation Adopts magnetic force to remove magnetic metallic impurities from soya raw materials.
Soybean Cleaning Removes inorganic, organic and oil impurities inside soybeans.
Soy conditioning Can regulate soy moisture and temperature until soft, which can increase soy plasticity. Soybeans are oilseeds with a low oil content and a solid structure; therefore, powder control is important for the convenience of further extraction of soybean oil.
The mechanical method of crushing soybeans can crush soybeans into small particles. A roller crusher is used to crush soybeans for the convenience of the soybean peeling process.
Soy Flakes Covers the process of pressing from a granular layer into a sheet. The purpose of peeling soybeans is to destroy soybean tissue, creating conditions for steaming and frying, easy oil separation during solvent extraction from soybean oil. Soybean peeling requires a thin germ, a uniform surface, less powder, no oil is detected. Powders are controlled with a sieve of 1 mm sieve, the material does not exceed 10-15%, soybean flakes up to 0.25-0.35 mm.
Soybean Extrusion Soybean Extrusion uses extrusion equipment to crush, peel, and turn soybeans into porous air granules.

This is our machine for pre-processing and pressing soybean oil, we also have a machine for solvent and refining of various capacities. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in our machine for pre-processing and pressing soybean oil.