peanut oil pretreatment production line

The peanut butter pretreatment production line is the first step in the peanut butter extraction process. Through the peanut butter pre-processing production line, we can get unrefined peanut butter and pressed peanut cake, peanut butter can be directly eaten or pumped to the peanut butter processing workshop for further processing. Squeezed pie can be sent to a peanut butter solvent extraction plant to get more peanut butter. Our company is a professional manufacturer of peanut butter processing line, we can design various peanut butter processing lines for you according to your requirements. Here we present you a general peanut butter processing line.

Features of the Peanut Butter Processing Line:

1. Stable performance, high performance

2. High technological ratio

3. Unique design for every customer

4. The latest technology and automatic

The oil content in the peanut kernel is 44-55%. Peanuts of some customers have shells. The process of kernel peanuts and peanuts with shell is different. Based on the raw materials, we can design a suitable production line for peanut butter for each client. The main function of the peanut butter pre-treatment production line is to move impurities and adjust the peanuts to produce high-quality butter.

A typical peanut butter pre-treatment production line is as follows:

1.Magnetic: The first step is to move the iron into peanuts, because iron is harmful to the following machines.

2. Cleaning. After passing through a cleaning sieve, the impurities in the peanuts will be peeled.

3. Hulling machine: Hulling machine is designed to move peanut shell. The purpose of moving the shell is to improve the quality of the butter and cake.

4. Shell and nut separator: the shell and nut will be separated by a separation sieve.

5. Dryer: after the shell and nut are separated, the nut will dry at a temperature of 60 ℃. Then the water content will be less than 4%.

6. Crusher: Peanuts are large oilseeds, so they need to be broken into small pieces. The function of the crusher in the peanut butter pre-treatment production line is to increase the area of ​​oilseeds and facilitate tempering. Peanuts are divided into 6-8 pieces, and the water content in the crusher is 7-12%.

7. Feed roller: after the peeling roller, the thickness of the cake is about 0.5 mm.

8. Stove: Stove helps to adjust the water content in the material to 6-5 kg ​​/ cm³. It can also improve the yield of oil from the peanut butter pre-processing line.

9. Oil clip: crude oil is obtained by oil clip. After moving solid impurities in crude oil, the oil will be clean.

After the peanut butter pre-treatment production line, the cake can also be removed from the oil with a solvent or refined to the best quality. Peanut butter can be made for different types. We can help you choose the right peanut butter processing line to suit your market. If you want to know more about this, please contact us.