crude oil refinery section

The main process of the oil refinery:
Discoloration, dewaxing, deoxidation and deodorization. Blended oil through an oil refinery to produce a final product, food standard or industry standard.

Refinery technology:
complete equipment for continuous oil refining, equipment for semi-continuous oil refining and equipment for periodic oil refining.

Advantages of QIE Oil machinery:

1. Continuous alkali refining reduces the contact time of oil and alkaline solution, reduces saponification of fat, reduces consumption, increases efficiency.

2. Decolorization using the combined bleaching technology with pre-mixing and mixing with water vapor, increasing the efficiency of bleaching, maintaining the amount of clay, simplicity and ease of use; in a negative state, avoid getting oxygen into the air when in contact with hot oil, ensure the quality of the product, suppress the increase in acid number, reduce the peroxide value.

3.Physical oil refining using a new type of continuous deoxidation and deodorization, suitable for deoxidation and deodorization with high acid value, low colloid vegetable oil, practical production shows that the technology has the following characteristics: strong deoxidation ability, strong decolorization effect Good , high oil refining rate, good product quality, etc.

4. The process uses multiple heat transfer, full use of thermal energy, reduction of steam consumption. At the same time, the production process can be adjusted, flexible operation, high automatic degree, environmental protection, etc.

The main advantage of small oil refining equipment:
1, Small refinery is intermittent refining equipment, and has all the functions of large and medium refineries;
2, universal all-in-one, convenient transportation, small area, fewer maintenance personnel, energy saving;
3, No special installation is required, the whole machine can be removed, it is convenient to process at the location of various types of raw materials for production.
Application in the oil refining workshop:
Soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, palm oil, copra, rice bran, animal oil – all refined oil.
Production capacity of the processing workshop: 10-1000 t / day