sunflower seeds pretreatment pressing machines

Machines for pre-processing and pressing sunflower seeds contain cleaning machines, husks, drying machines, cereals, cooking machines and machines for pressing sunflower oil. They are highly efficient, work automatically and with mature technology. Our company can design a plant for processing sunflower oil in accordance with your needs, including a small line for processing sunflower oil 5-10 tons / day and a production line for pre-processing and pressing of sunflower seeds 30-1000 tons / day.

The oil content in sunflower seeds is 40-60%, and the shell of sunflower seeds does not contain oil. Therefore, a large-scale plant for processing sunflower oil should equip a machine for peeling sunflower seeds and a machine for separating kernels and shells. If you have a small plant for processing sunflower oil, you can also click on the sunflower seeds with the shell. In accordance with the real situation, our engineers can develop for each client the most suitable process for the preliminary processing and pressing of sunflower seeds.

The main function of the pre-treatment of sunflower seeds is to maximize the quality of sunflower oil and help to get most of the oil from sunflower seeds.

1. Magnetic drum: the first step is to move iron into sunflower seeds, because iron will be harmful to the following machines for pre-processing and pressing of sunflower seeds.

2. Cleaning sieve: after passing through the cleaning sieve, the impurities in the seed will be cleaned.

3. Husk machine: peeled sunflower seeds enter the husk machine to move the sunflower seed shell. The rate of fire is about 90%.

4. Shell and kernel separator: the shell and nut will be separated by a separation sieve. The first step is a preliminary separation. The projectile speed is less than 2% after the first separation. The second step is the exact separation. The sheath speed is less than 0.5% after this step.

5. Dryer: after the shell and nut are separated, the nut will dry at a temperature of 60 ℃. Then the water content will be 8-9%.

6. Machine for rolling: after rolling the roller, the thickness of the cake is about 0.5 mm.

7. Stove: Stove helps to adjust the water content in the material to 6-5 kg ​​/ cm³.

8. Sunflower oil extraction machine: Crude sunflower oil is squeezed out on an oil extraction machine. After moving solids in unrefined sunflower oil, the oil will be clean.

After squeezing the sunflower meal, it is also possible to extract with oil by the solvent extraction method, and the raw sunflower oil can be refined to the best quality. If you want to create a sunflower oil processing plant, please contact us.