semi continuous edible oil refinery

The semi-continuous edible oil processing plant is a step-by-step process. The entire semi-continuous edible oil refining process includes degumming / neutralizing, whitening, deodorizing and preparing for winter. A semi-continuous edible oil processing plant used to clean almost all types of oil extracted from oilseeds, such as sunflower, flax, peanuts, sesame seeds, and mustard seeds, etc.

Features of a semi-continuous edible oil processing plant:

1. The effect is good. The semi-continuous process of edible oil processing can be adjusted depending on the condition of the oil and the requirements for the final oil.

2.Suitable operation and advanced semi-continuous edible oil processing plant reduce oil consumption.

3. In terms of bleaching, oil and white clay are mixed in a vacuum. This will avoid the influence of air. This can reduce the consumption of white clay.

4. White clay dispenser can add clay accurately.

5. All deodorization is under vacuum. Vacuum can avoid oil oxidation and improve oil quality.

6. Distillation and distillation are used to maintain flavor and stabilize the final oil.


Basic equipment of a semi-continuous edible oil processing plant:

Refining boiler: It is also called a refining and deoxidizing boiler during semi-continuous processing of edible oil. At a temperature of 60-70, the alkali is used to react with acid. Then the acid value decreases. The phospholipid is also separated from the oil and sent to a black vessel.
Bleach pot: it is also called a pot for bleaching and dehydration. Heat and vacuum help move water in the oil. White clay is absorbed in a decolorizing boiler under vacuum. After mixing, the filter helps to separate the white clay from the oil.

Deodorization tower (solid stainless steel): The bleached oil is heated using a screw heat exchanger and a steam heater. When the temperature reaches 240-260 ℃, it enters the deodorizing tower. Prefabricated deodorizing tower. The top of the tower is full. The function of the filler is to move the free fatty acid in the oil and eliminate the unpleasant odor of the oil. The bottom of the tower is a plate of the tower. Used to reduce peroxide oil. The final oil leaving the tower will exchange heat with bleached oil. Then the temperature of the final oil is reduced to 80-85 ℃ using a cooler. After adding an antioxidant, the oil is kept at a temperature of 50 ℃. Free fatty acid is collected in a trap.

The semi-continuous edible oil processing plant is suitable for 20-100 tons of various edible oils. According to the characteristics of raw edible oil, a chemical or physical path can be chosen. The semicontinuous edible oil processing line allows to obtain the highest quality oil with lower operating costs.

However, different oils have different processing processes. Our engineer will help you choose the most suitable processing line according to your capabilities and requirements. If you want to know more about the semi-continuous edible oil processing plant, please contact us.