continuous cooking oil refinery

The continuous refinery is the latest technology for refining edible oil. Compared to a batch refinery and a semi-continuous refinery, a continuous cooking oil has the following advantages.
1. Oil consumption in the whole process is less.
2. The entire continuous process of processing vegetable oil can be controlled by computer, so high productivity can be processed per day.
3. The consumption of excipients is reduced, so operating costs are lower.
4. The excipient is added by computer in accordance with crude oil. Oil quality is more stable.
5. The degree of automation is improving. The trading area is smaller than that of a batch-refining refinery and a semi-continuous refinery.

Zhengzhou QIE offers continuous oil processing plants with the latest technology and PLC-controlled plants.

Refining is the process of removing unwanted moisture, impurities, free fatty acids, resins, waxes, dyes, and odors.

Implementation of a continuous oil cooking process:

Degumming: oil after degassing is heated to 110 ℃. The oil is then sent to a white clay mixing tank. White clay is transported to the clay storage tank from a white clay box. White clay is added by the amount of oil.
Centrifugal Disc: The centrifugal disc is a central part of degumming. The entire line of continuous processing of vegetable oil includes both a chemical and a physical path.
Centrifugal Mixer: A centrifugal mixer can completely mix materials. It can also complete the process in a short time. The combination of short and long mixture provides the effect of continuous refining of vegetable oil.
Vacuum dryer: A stainless steel vacuum dryer is used to move water in the oil.
Bleaching Tower: In a continuous refinery, a bleaching tower is used to illuminate the color of the oil. Meters of this tower save energy and reduce vacuum leakage.
Decontamination and deodorization system: The deodorization section is very important for the production of high-quality vegetable oil. Deodorization technology affects the quality of the oil. This deodorization tower can transport both free fatty acid and maintain a good smell of vegetable oil. At the same time, this deodorizing tower can save direct steam. Steam consumption is only 30-50% of a normal tower.

A continuous refinery is suitable for large-scale oil mills. It can process various types of oilseeds, such as soy, peanuts, corn, rapeseed, cotton, etc. The whole process is continuous and oil consumption is lower. It can also be used to obtain various standard vegetable oils.

Different oils have different processing processes. Our engineer can help you choose the most suitable vegetable oil processing plant according to your capabilities and requirements. Edible oil processing plant can process almost all types of oils. The quality of the refined oil depends on the type of crude oil and the refining process and technology. With years of experience in the oil and fat industry, Zhengzhou QIE is definitely your best partner in the edible oil industry. We have professional oil refining engineers and advanced refining technologies, we design, install and debug a complete set of edible oil refining plant in accordance with customers’ refining needs to ensure minimum operating costs and maximum production results. At the moment, we have already exported our refineries to more than 35 countries, and our products have gained an excellent reputation at the international level.