1-600 t/d cooking oil refining plant

After squeezing the oil or the oil extraction process, we get crude oil. But crude oil cannot flow to the supermarket. Crude oil should be processed at a plant for processing vegetable oil, especially soybean, cotton, rapeseed, palm kernel, etc. Then what do you know about a plant for processing vegetable oil? Did you hear about the recycling process?

Refining is an important process for the entire oil pressing line because some impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. are still present. in crude oil.
Vegetable oil processing plant equipment:
1. Bleaching capacity: bleaching pigments from oil.
2. Deodorizing tank: remove bad breath from discolored oil.
3. Oil furnace: provide enough heat for refining sections that need a heat of 280 ℃.
4. Vacuum pump: provides high pressure for whitening, deodorization, which can reach 755 mm Hg. Art. Or more.
5. Air compressor: dry the bleached clay after bleaching.
6. Filter press: filter the clay into bleached oil.
7. Steam generator: generate steam distillation.

Five key steps in a vegetable oil refining process:

1. Crude oil refining: at this stage, the resins in the crude oil are removed by hydration with phosphoric acid.
2. Neutralization: at this stage, free fatty acids are neutralized with sodium hydroxide and converted into soap. Additional impurities are also removed by adsorption on the soap.
3.Decolorization: during bleaching, unwanted pigments are adsorbed physically and the oil will become much clearer.
4. Deodorization: Deodorization is used to remove unacceptable odors by steam distillation; odoriferous compounds are removed using live injected steam in heated oil under high vacuum pressure.
5. dewaxing (necessary for cold places)

Some types of oil, such as sunflower, corn or corn oil, contain waxes inside, if these impurities are not removed, the oil easily freezes at low temperatures, which affects the quality and appearance of the oil. therefore this process is necessary in very cold areas.

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