physical and chemical cooking oil refinery machine

The physical refining process is perhaps the most important step in the process of oil preparation at the refinery and is aimed at creating a product that is free of fatty acids, odorless, with a very light shade and very resistant to oxidation.
The easiest and most economical method of physical refining is to pass oil through serious compartments periodically horizontally and vertically, subjecting it to steam stripping in high vacuum. This ensures the removal of all volatile substances such as fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and dyes.
The physical refining process is continuously monitored by instruments with precise control of all variables such as temperature, flow, vacuum and time.
Through this method, free fatty acids are removed through a distillation process in a single deodorization step. To obtain effective results, crude oil must be thoroughly fat free. This does not apply to certain oils, such as oil extracted from cotton seeds. All types of refining methods for oil processing machines are carried out using various equipment and mechanisms and are used to clean almost all types of oil extracted from oilseeds, such as sunflower seeds, flax, peanuts, sesame seeds and mustard seeds, etc.

Features of a physical machine for processing vegetable oil:

1. High speed of refinement; less oil loss
2. No wastewater discharged
3. More FFA Distilled
4. Particularly suitable for high acid and low chewing gum oils.

A chemical vegetable oil processing machine is designed to remove fatty acids from crude oil that is extracted from seeds. They are further neutralized using caustic soda. This results in the removal of sodium soap using periodic settling or centrifugal separators. Then neutral oils are bleached and deodorized.

Features of a chemical machine for processing vegetable oil:
1. Excellent adaptability and fewer requirements for high oil quality
2. The finished oil is stable and stable
3. Less whitening earth is needed compared to physical refining